My Mission: A Healthier YOU!

Through my 17 years of practice as a Nurse Practitioner, so many of my patients have told me that they’re “Sick and tired of  being sick and tired,” from being overweight, stressed out, taking too much medications, depressed, anxious… and the list goes on. Many tell me they want a provider to help them with their journey back to wellness instead of prescribing a pill for every ill. Unfortunately, we aren’t given an individualized toolkit on self-care 101 and best practices for being healthy that is uniquely designed for our body’s biochemistry. How can anyone do that in a 15-minute doctor’s visit? Today’s technology offers us a plethora of diets, exercise routines, nutraceuticals, gadgets and gismos galore. Still, the incidence of obesity, chronic physical and mental illnesses are increasing. My goal is to educate you about your body, help you minimize the medicines you don’t need, and create a plan of action to take back your optimal health.

How my practice is different?

The challenge of my duties as a health care practitioner is being confined to an office setting with time constraints that prevent me from delving deeper into the root cause of each patient’s disease. I can’t address the unique laundry list of concerns each patient brings. In fact, these concerns are often interrelated. It is unfortunate that conventional practices will only address 2-3 issues but I can understand the dilemma of  providers in conventional medicine are required to see 18-30 patients in an 8 hour period.  They are stressed and pressed for time.  This is why I have shifted to a personalized concierge practice to meet the demands of individualized care.  I’ll use my experience and clinical judgment to use medical therapy as deemed appropriate. But sometimes, all the patients’ need is a practitioner who listens to them and help connect the dots and find the root cause of their symptoms. Addressing the underlining cause is the link to get the patient well.  This is functional and integrative medicine.

The cost of health care is climbing and the system is designed to manage sick care, not health care. If you are a proactive patient who is looking for a provider to work intently with your health care and be your medical coach, you may just have found the right match.

When I’m not meeting with patients,  I am constantly taking  continuing education courses and seeking out cutting edge researched based modalities to maximize my patients’ wellness potential. I hope to inspire you to take an active approach to your health.  The result: Feeling good, look good, clothes fit better, less medical problems that will cost you a lot of time and money.  With the aging process, you will continue to improve your energy and thrive.  Prevention is the best medicine. Are you ready to take charge of your health? Make that shift now. Invest in yourself. You are worth it!



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