Everyone has the power within to live and discover his or her true self to be happy.  For some people, it comes easy.  For others, they search their whole life feeling dissatisfied and perhaps die without knowing their own potential. Many of the patient’s physical complaints stem from their personal issues.  I have spent countless hours as a diagnostician trying to help my patients resolve their problems.  I have come to realize on many occasions, the body is the literature of one’s history.  Understanding one’s history can reveal the root cause of the problems.

I want to share with you my personal story.  Periodically, I will also post an insightful patient story. The names of these patients remained anonymous to protect their privacy.  My hopes are that these stories will resonate with you or perhaps someone you know who is going through a similar situation. Through the struggles and accomplishments of my personal experiences and these patients’ experiences can shed some wisdom and ease the trials and tribulation in your life to give you a different perspective and to bring about resolution to many life conflicts.

My mission is to spark the power within you to discover to heal thyself and to ignite you with excitement to evaluate your life’s journey of self-discovery thus take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual life.  I empower you to envision living optimally and take actions to live the life you dream.  Your side effects when you are in harmony with yourself is: You will feel good, look good, your pants fit better and you will feel comfortable in your own skin.  You feel less frustrated with what you are encountering.  You will be one patient who will take less medications and one less person who go to emergency room. With that said, you will help decrease the entire health care national debt just by taking care of yourself.

My vision is that one day, our entire country will swing the pendulum from a sicker to healthier nation.  Are you ready to join me on my vision and my mission? I invite you to follow your bliss. You’ll be glad you did.