Everyone has the power within to live and discover his or her true self to be happy.  For some people, it comes easy.  For others, they search their whole life feeling dissatisfied and perhaps die without knowing their own potential. Many of the patient’s physical complaints stem from their personal issues.  I have spent countless hours as a diagnostician trying to help my patients resolve their problems.  I have come to realize on many occasions, the body is the literature of one’s history.  Understanding one’s history can reveal the root cause of the problems.

I want to share with you my personal story.  Periodically, I will also post an insightful patient story. The names of these patients remained anonymous to protect their privacy.  My hopes are that these stories will resonate with you or perhaps someone you know who is going through a similar situation. Through the struggles and accomplishments of my personal experiences and these patients’ experiences can shed some wisdom and ease the trials and tribulation in your life to give you a different perspective and to bring about resolution to many life conflicts.

My mission is to spark the power within you to discover to heal thyself and to ignite you with excitement to evaluate your life’s journey of self-discovery thus take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual life.  I empower you to envision living optimally and take actions to live the life you dream.  Your side effects when you are in harmony with yourself is: You will feel good, look good, your pants fit better and you will feel comfortable in your own skin.  You feel less frustrated with what you are encountering.  You will be one patient who will take less medications and one less person who go to emergency room. With that said, you will help decrease the entire health care national debt just by taking care of yourself.

My vision is that one day, our entire country will swing the pendulum from a sicker to healthier nation.  Are you ready to join me on my vision and my mission? I invite you to follow your bliss. You’ll be glad you did.


My father’s last words of profound wisdom

On this father’s day, I would like to commemorate my father by sharing his profound words wisdom with you, in hopes that you will take charge of your health so you can live long and up to your potential. I urge you to make a conscious effort to take good care of yourself while you are taking care of others. It is not selfish but self worth. You may just live longer and with quality of life.

Here is what my father said to me on his deathbed. “Lynn, I am a 58 years old man and I am going to die with the music in my box. All my wisdoms are going inside my casket, and I am going to die with my own worse enemy. If you understand my wisdom, I hope that some day when you die, I hope you will die with your own best friend. Here is how.

In your lifetime, you will be so hypnotized by the world just like me, either by your lover, by your children, by your job, a situation, or a behavior (eating too much, drinking too much, and for me it is shopping too much) or a thing. Watch out! Don’t let those things and those people hypnotize you to the point where you don’t even know your mind or your body anymore. Make sure you check in with yourself; how you feel according to what you ate, how you slept, or what has been happening in your life. Only you will know.

You will hear yourself reminding you that you need to do something, but you WILL get distracted. Just remember to give yourself ten times of distractions and really DO IT! You will be honoring your soul. If you hear yourself say, “I know really need to do it,” but you will make all kinds of excuses like, “I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, my job is too demanding or my kids need me”. If you say: “Tomorrow, tomorrow, but tomorrow does not come until today. So he said, “today is yesterday’s tomorrow.” He points to his head and said, “This works good” and pointed to his body, “but this doesn’t work anymore so perhaps another life time.”

Your body is a vehicle that hosts your soul and takes it to another dimension which tomorrow, the next day and the next day. Take good care of it so you will continue to your soul expression on earth. May these words of wisdom inspire you to take actions to follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat well. Move daily, hydrate often, sleep well, love your body and repeat this routine for life. You will be glad you did. Please share this story to anyone who you think will benefit from this blog. Thank you. Lynn


Don’t be a martyr! You can die early!


Woman dies at 52 years of age. Her eulogy said that she was such a great mom. She took great care of her children. She was a great wife and was a wonderful daughter for her parents. She was a great oldest sister. She kept her houses meticulous. She was always there for her friends. She was always there to lend a hand. She was selfless and always put others first.

Well, it is no wonder that she died at 52! They did not mention that she was taking care of everybody else but never made time for her. The eulogy should include, “Please don’t be like me, a martyr and take care of yourself while you are taking care of others! You won’t live your life being depressed in silence and die early! If mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody is happy! ”

Mother’s day is in a week. If you are a mother, I hope this story will spark a cord inside you to take actions on taking better care of yourself as you take care of others. You’d be glad you did! Please share it as a gift to anyone you know who could benefit from this story. You may just help improve their quality of life! Like this story.  Share your story or comment below.

Are you stress? You may be an enabler!


I took care of a patient who came in complaining she is stress because she is not sleeping well. When I asked her what is making her stress. She said she is working 2 jobs to make ends meet. I commented that she must have a lot of bills to pay. She replied, “I am not only paying for myself but I am supporting my daughter and her husband who recently moved in with me and they are both unemployed.” I asked how old is her daughter. She said,“27 and the son-in-law is 30 years old!” I was surprised and said “Really? How long are you planning on doing this?” She replied, “I don’t know but I am tired.” I quickly advised her to give her daughter and Son-in-law a date to find jobs and move out. I reinforced that although she thinks she is trying to help all the while being an enabler for them to take advantage of her.

Setting healthy boundaries without feeling guilty is something she needs to practice for stress management. I encourage her to be firm with this matter or else she will continue to let them take advantage of her. She agreed and will start practicing healthy boundaries.

If you are a mom or a care provider, I hope this story will shed some light and help you set limits and healthy boundaries so you won’t be leached.  It is one thing to love someone but not allowing them to take advantage of you!.  Please share this with someone who you know  is going through the same issue.  You just may help them change for the better.  Feel free to share your story below.


Side effects of taking good care of you


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Perhaps you take a hand full of prescription drugs for your various conditions which give you a huge list of uncomfortable side effects from headache, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting diarrhea decrease libido and the list goes on? Are you so fed up that you want to do something about it? If you haven’t thought about it, you may not be so uncomfortable to make a change. Or perhaps you are so wrapped up with your daily issues that making such interventions are too bothersome.

We are humans, the degree of feeling uncomfortable has to reach to the point of intolerable or shall I say “FED UP” to make a change or else we will not do it. The side effects of taking good care of your self are: You will feel good. You will look good. Your pants will fit better, you will feel comfortable in your own skin, and you will feel less frustrated. The less you are frustrated, the more you can better handle anything frustrating in the world. You are one less person who will take more medications and one less person who will render services to the emergency room. Hence, you will help the whole health care system because you are taking good care of yourself and will help decrease the health care deficit.

People will be intrigued ask you: I saw you then and I see you now, you look so different. You look healthier, happier, younger and thriving. They will wonder what you are doing. Let them guess. The first thing they would ask you is what kind of pills you are taking? What kind of diet and exercise regimen you are on? You must have a gastric bypass or you must have a new lover. They will be curious because they too want to jump on the ban wagon because they too want to get the same results as you. You can answer confidently that you have been paying better attention to yourself by taking better care of yourself, loving yourself, listening to your inner wisdom as to what you want and don’t want, just like when you were a little child. It is not selfish. It is self worth.

No one knows how you feel except for you. Children know themselves like no other. They are very in touch with their spirit. Try putting another spoon of food in their mouth when they don’t want it. They will spit it out. Why do we have to take it? Oh that’s right. We were condition to finish the plate or else we cannot get off the table. We were given the guilt trip that there are so many hungry people in Ethiopia or China. So we buy it. And this is woven into our subconscious. Or as a child what were you told if you fall down? How about some ice-cream to make that boo boo feel better? Leave your subconscious unchecked and you will perpetually do the same thing that you were told and not paying attention on how you feel.

I urge to start listening to your feelings as if this is the very first time you are starting to defrag your brain and start uploading new information. By listening to what you want and honor your mind and body, you will be able to live comfortably in your skin as long as you live. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will live longer. You could walk across the street and get killed. When you take care of yourself, you will feel better in your body for this body host your soul and takes it to another dimension i.e. tomorrow or the next day. Take good care of you and your benefits will come from your effort.




Be Your Own BFF, Not Your Own Bully

This story is a about a patient who came to see me for a physical and to discuss her labs because her provider was not in the office that day.  She is a beautiful 33-year-old who had a blunt facial expression.  I proceeded with my usual questions for a routine physical. When I asked her if she has anything else she would like to discuss, she kind of mumbled, “yes.” She thinks her irritable bowl is acting up, although she has never been diagnosed with it.  Her symptoms started 2 years ago only presents when she is stress and drinks alcohol.  In the 2 year span, she got divorced, became a single mom with a 4 years old, moved to a new place and started a new job.  She was using her alcohol to numb her feelings.  This was the only way she knows how wallow her sorrow.

I empathized with her and acknowledge that she is going through tough time.  I said to her that everyone who is born in this world couldn’t escape having these experiences.  Everything happens for a reason.  In this life, she will meet people who will mirror her, and they will become her best friends, lover, husband, etc…When they no longer mirror her, she can try to make things work for so long, only to drag out misery by hanging on to the relationship.  With each day, she would feel the void increasing as she lives like room mates with the lover he once was to her.  I encourage her to stopp bullying herself and stop sabotage her body and hide her emotion through alcohol.  I reassure that what happened was not easy but it just might be the best thing that happened to her.  Heart break can shake  her up so she can realize her authentic self that she is worthy of much more than she has been settling for.

When I was reviewing her labs, I noticed her triglyceride was over 1500mg/dl.  That is 10 times more than the upper normal range.  She was not aware of any family history of high triglycerides, though everyone drinks since that is part of her Irish and English culture.  I explained that results are extremely elevated and she is putting her health in danger of hospitalization for pancreatitis for drinking.  Worse case scenario is she is cause herself to rapidly age and put her at risk for alcohol dementia.  Her daughter will miss her so much.  She will grow up without her mother.  I encouraged her to look at herself through her daughter’s eyes.  I am sure there are days she feels terrible and when she sees her daughter, she’d hug her and thinks she is the best.  Her child’s eyes are pure and she sees her heart, not tainted from the world like an adult.  So I said to her, if she feels like shit, she needs to remember that her daughter thinks of her as “the shit, “ she should get rid of her shit so she won’t fee so shitty! I advise to take folate and thiamine which are the vitamins, which she may be deficient form the alcohol abuse.  I gave her ativan to help her withdrawal symptoms.  I advise her to adopt a healthy life style by eating a low carbohydrate diet, exercise and get enough sleep. I had her recheck her labs in 2 weeks.

Two weeks later, I saw her in the office.  She appeared content with herself.  She has a smile on her face and looked energetic.  She was happy to announce that she has not had a drink since the time she saw me.  She made a eye opening decision to quit for good.  She has been following my advice and did exactly what I told her to do.  Her birthday was last week and did not drink.  When she went to her mother’s house who gave her a birthday bash, she noticed everyone was drunk upon her arrival. She was having a out of body experience. She said that she no longer choose to be drunk and hide her feelings with alcohol which no longer serve her.  She realized what is important now that she is thinking sober which is her daughter and her true happiness.   She has chosen a healthy lifestyle that will benefit her as well as her daughter.  Her lab results after only two weeks dropped to 121mg/dl, which is completely in the normal range, which is utterly amazing!

There is only one today, may you find the BFF within you to take better care of you.  You deserve to live the greatest life on earth.  Don’t be your own bully.  Be your own best friend and you will never be disappointed.