IMG_1425.jpgLynn Billett ARNP-BC, ABAAHP

What happens when East meets West? Great things! Lynn Billett, ARNP-BC ABAAHP is a graduate of California State University of Sacramento and California State University of Fresno. She completed her Master of Science in Nursing at UCLA in Family Practice and a subspecialty of Occupational and Environmental Science. She has extensive experience in multiple areas of medicine from pediatrics, surgical transplants, trauma medicine, family practice, environmental and occupational medicine, micronutrient testing, bio-identical hormone replacement and pharmaceutical grade herbal therapy. She most recently became Board Certified as an Anti Aging Health Practitioner through the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Finding the root cause of symptoms and promoting optimal whole body wellness is her mission for every patient.

She has worked at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, University Medical Center in Fresno, and University of California Los Angeles as a registered nurse. After graduate school, She worked at Department of Health and Human Service as a family nurse practitioner providing health care for the indigent population for a decade. She then joined Sockolov and Sockolov private family practice for 2 years. In 2011, She relocated to Fort Myers Florida to work at Lee Memorial Health Systems for 4 years, then Wilson Wellness Center, and Apothicare360 compounding pharmacy as an independent consultant. She is a certified Yoga Instructor and she is certified as a fitness instructor from the American Council of Exercise in Los Angeles. She conducts workshops for aging beautifully and thriving as you age. Lynn believes our body contains its own wisdom, if we are mindful and willing to listen.

Her passion is wellness and a deep desire to teach people how to become the best they can be. She offers private consultations evaluate each client’s medical conditions to better achieve their optimal health in a functional approach and guide one’s health care journey with their concurrent health care team.




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