Inner Wisdom

The following are my inner wisdom I would like to share with you. I hope you find them insightful and apply them to enrich your life.  You are also able to view them in my instagram (empowerwithlynn).


  • Your thoughts stem your emotions which shape your behaviors that become your daily routine and hence your life.  If you know your brain is the greatest computer, you will defrag the programs that no longer serve you, upload the new programs that agree with your divine natural state that God intended you to be so you can experience true joy on earth.
  • peace in the midst of mayhem.  Om…
  • Unleash the genius within you! Start with practicing what you love…GO!
  • Empower within…people who shine from within do not need a spotlight.
  • Start your morning connecting with your higher self.  Setting the tone for the day!.  Om…Be grateful!
  • If you realize everyday that your life on earth is limited, would you waste your time on things that don’t matter?  Live.  Laugh.  Love.  Breathe.
  • Your body is the true temple of God.  It is the vehicle that hosts your should and takes it to a different dimension, the next moment.  Take good care of your body so you can feel comfortable in your journey through life to continue your soul expression.  Love thyself!
  • Do more than just exist.  Unlock your potential.  Unleash your power within!
  • Dare to dream the I’mpossible dream!  Be visionary!
  • Be open to possibilities.  Feel free to explore your bliss and find joy in every moment of your life.
  • The world is waiting for your soul expression. Free yourself from the dungeon.  Let go of your hang-ups. Show them your true self! You will wonder why it took you so long!  BE!
  • How to change your past:  Be conscious in the present.  Take actions.  Make changes today for today is tomorrow’s past and pretty soon, your past will completely change! Keep moving forward.  Live your life now! Love yourself!  Be happy!
  • You are born unique into this world.  If you die, no one can ever replace you.  Comparing yourself to anyone else is absurd. Love yourself! BE!
  • Love thyself! Not bully thyself.
  • Before you make your decision, ask yourself if it is for you or against you?  It is your choice.  Be kind to yourself. Live, love, thrive!
  • Be your own best friend and you will never be disappointed.
  • Eat real food that God has greater for us.  Feel good, look good! Love the body you live in.  You are worth it! Take charge of you now and be happy!.  Loving yourself will be one less person in the emergency room.  Help decrease national debt.  Start now!
  • Do more of what you love and your excitement will propel you to the next level.
  • You are priority.  Take care of yourself first.  Find time!  Make time for yourself while taking care of others so you don’t feel like you are being leeched.  Create love and the beautiful life.
  • Find your own happy place and go there everyday!
  • The world can make you think that monsters do exist.  The only monsters are your own perspectives.  Change your perspectives and get rid of your monsters for good.  Free your mind!  Live in peace! Om… Be kind to yourself.
  • You have control.  Follow through with your intentions and you will see your dream come true!
  • Eat healthy–> Drink plenty of water–> Exercise regularly–>Minimize toxins–> Reduce stress –>Repeat!
  • Do more of what makes you happy!
  • Wake up today and BE AWESOME!
  • Your dream job does not exist.  YOU MUST CREATE IT! Today is a new day.  Think! Create! Dream BIG! Love what you do. Take baby steps and follow through with your intentions. Be grateful with where you are now.
  • The universe is on your side.  Believe every experience is a lesson in life.  Live and cherish every moment.  BREATHE!
  • Life is limited!  Enjoy every moment.  Breathe! Take it all in!
  • It is time to do what you have been saying and wanting for yourself.  You will be glad you did! Be happy, healthy, look alive, thrive, feel awesome.  Start TODAY!
  • Can you do something without doing something else?  If you are physically here and your mind is elsewhere, you are nowhere! Instead  Be NOW HERE! Start today being focus.  Do one thing at a time and you will remember everything.
  • You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Believe that you are a work in progress.  Enjoy your journey for it is the destination.  Many years from now, you will look back and realize you have lived in the moment.
  • follow your dreams or you will spend the rest of your life working for someone who did.  Dare to Dream BIG.  Act on your highest excitement.  Create abundance.  Follow through with what you do and you will be amaze at what you can do! Make your life awesome, amazing, and thrive! Start now! GO!
  • Life is simple.  Ask yourself, “Are you happy?” if yes, keep going.  If no, change something. Do more of what makes you feel happy.  Love the life you live.  You have the power to choose, create, and inspire everyone around you to do the same. Let’s make this world a better place to live.  GO!
  • Bruce Lee said, “Knowing is not enough.  We must apply.  Willing is not enough.  We must do.   Knowledge is not power.  Application of knowledge is power!.  Take action. Create what you want to see.  Follow through to make your dream come true.  START NOW!
  • Life begins with a canvas. Choose the colors of your choice and create your own master piece.
  • Believe there is an angel watching over you.  Love your life.  There is a reason for you to be here on earth.  It is your job to find it.  Just follow your bliss and dream.  Set an example for others to follow.  THRIVE! GO!
  • DEFINE YOURSELF.  You have the tools.  Imagine.  Change what you want to see.  Sculpt your body, mind and life.  Start now.
  • Modern day stress is the invisible tiger standing in front of you impending to bite your head off.  You may act emotional poise but your body is jumping out of your own skin.  Daily rush of adrenaline speeds up the aging process.  SLOW IT DOWN! Find time and make time to relax everyday.  Breathe deep.  You will be glad you did..
  • You are a divine human being, created unique and special. START ACTING LIKE ONE! IF YOU DIE, NO ONE ELSE CAN REPLACED YOU! LOVE YOURSELF WITH ALL YOUR HEART!
  • No one controls your thoughts.  You have the power to change them.  You’d be glad you did.  LIVE YOUR AMAZING LIFE ACCORDING TO YOU! START NOW!
  • You are born with pure positive energy and self love.  Any negative feelings about yourself are from the opinions of others that formed your perceptions about yourself.  You have the power to change your perspective.  FREE YOUR MIND! ERASE THE NEGATIVE REPETITIVE THOUGHTS SO YOU HAVE SPACE TO RECORD NEW POSITIVE ONES! LOVE THYSELF!
  • LIVE YOUR AWESOME LIFE.  Follow what you love and you will stay forever young!
  • find joy in what you do. This is your life.  YOU CHOOSE! Create your amazing life! Navigate your journey.  Experience, learn, and autocorrect. Be conscious everyday!

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